QA & Software Testing

Preserving reputation for quality and standards.

QA & Software Testing Candidates

Professional talent with experience.

Developer Sourcing is committed to helping you build and preserve a strong reputation that is earned by your organization’s ability to provide top-notch quality, significant value, and optimal results to your customers while ensuring safety standards required by federal and state policies.

We work with you to deliver quality with established criteria for processes through each stage of the production cycle and Quality Assurance professionals who possess the skills, industry knowledge, and experience you need.
When deploying a highly specialized team we steer towards the continued growth and success of your organization. As each project is different, we ensure our QA professionals are experienced in varying complexities and technologies and can deliver quality control in the following areas:

  • Functional Testing: Validating software system against functional requirements/specifications for User Interface, APIs, Database, Security, Client/Server communication and other functionality concentrating Mainline Functions, Basic Usability, Accessibility, and Error Conditions
  • Performance Testing: Testing how well a system performs in terms of responsiveness and stability under a particular workload through Load Testing with large amounts of data, Stress Testing to examine application behavior under high user activity, and Capacity Testing to measure overall capacity and acceptable response times.
  • Test Automation: Executing automatic tasks using a variety of tools, software, and scripts to meet project requirements, timeline, budget, and suitability. Testing includes Regression Testing, Repeated Execution Testing, and Performance Testing
  • Mobile Testing: Beginning with the planning and analysis phase of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), focused mobile development and testing leads to higher quality mobile application builds that meet the standards and specifications of the business case.

At Developer Sourcing, we treat your search for the perfect Quality Assurance professionals who fit your organization as a quality control exercise itself! We approach each project from the perspective of partnering with you as a secondary arm to find the best service solution that addresses your specific needs and develop custom solutions to place the right people in the right places.