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eCommerce Candidates

Diverse team of skilled developers.

eCommerce has become a highly specialized and fragmented area of development with complex websites often housing a number of different platforms, programming languages, frameworks, content management systems, and integrations. It takes a diverse team of skilled developers who are sophisticated in a vast array of technologies and development approaches to build and effectively maintain an eCommerce site based on your requirements for a secure, engaging experience for your customers.

Developer Sourcing provides a number of workforce developer, cost-effective solutions including local hires and nearshoring models to ensure you have access to expert technical talent who are experienced in building B2B, B2C, C2C, and C2B eCommerce websites. We ensure our developers have a high-level of all-inclusive technical expertise to handle different platforms, languages, frameworks, and eCommerce platforms. With our local and nearshoring models, we are able to align with your organization’s values, work-culture, and time differences to ensure collaborative value and outstanding productivity.

To meet the forward-moving landscape of eCommerce technologies coupled with your unique internal and external requirements we focus our attention on sourcing talent who are capable in:

  • eCommerce Website Security: Ensuring the integrity of the system and securing it from hackers and other fraudulent activities
  • Multiple Payment Gateways: Providing easy payment platforms for your customers to purchase your products and services
  • Account Signup and Login: Enabling safe access to one’s account, social signup/login, and profile management
  • Multiple Languages/Currency: Maintaining a multilingual eCommerce website with various currencies for local purchases in your markets
  • Supply-chain Management: Manage the planning, control, and delivery of products, and storage of goods, information, and services
  • CRM Integration: Integrating customer/client associations with the website to improve the experience and add value to the business
  • Business Intelligence: Store and process raw data with actionable insights to improve areas within the business
  • POS Integration: Integrating digital technologies in physical locations to enhance the customer experience
  • and other advanced eCommerce features…

When it comes to eCommerce developer solutions, Developer Sourcing is the partner to turn to for flexibility and expertise. We make it our top priority to source the best talent for your eCommerce requirements.