About Us

See what makes us different.

Our Difference

The Developer Sourcing Difference

We ensure success by aligning our sourcing solutions to the financial projections of your talent acquisition strategy.

Proprietary Network

We specialize in sourcing developers and QA’s from our goldmine of talent creating never before opportunities for US markets.
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Process & Controls

Two layers of oversight to ensure success; local oversight and US-based.
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Talent Development

We train our highly talented and educated engineers specific to your needs, enabling further cost savings as your organization grows.
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Our Process

Custom Approach for Seamless Delivery

Growth and market changes provide new opportunities for projects that vary in size and complexity. Indeed, there is no single solution to address the changing needs of an organization’s talent needs. Therefore, our process incorporates collaboration, embraces flexibility, and continuous improvement to deliver customer satisfaction.

Define Requirements

Identify the resources you need for the short and long terms.

Candidate Sourcing

Source and validate qualified developers through our networks in the US and across South America.

Candidate Screening

Conduct preliminary screening and administer testing as needed.

Candidate Introduction

Introduce the top candidates for your approval.


Administer onboarding procedures as the new members integrate with your organization.

Periodic Review

Monitor your requirements and scale your team as your organization expands.

Leadership Team

Talent, quality, and flexibility starts with leadership you can trust.

Meet our leadership team, made up of experts with an extensive history of technology software engineering, talent recruitment, and developer solutions in several countries in South America to ensure businesses and engineers succeed.

Eduardo Andrade

Co-Chief Executive Officer


Eric Berzsenyi

Co-Chief Executive Officer


Paul Gregory

Chief Financial Officer



Delivering Results and Earning Trust

We at Developer Sourcing take pride in delivering high-tech talent and quality to your organization’s projects. Yet, we remain humbled by the confidence and trust we have earned from the relationships we have developed with our clients. Here is what some have to say about choosing Developer Sourcing as their partner.

Eduardo always demonstrated to me the best of what a private banker should be, client focused, detail oriented as well as a strong team player. Although we did not work on the same team, I could appreciate his capabilities up close while at BoA.

Charlie A.

Paul has been an invaluable resource for our company. He brings three decades of experience and a laser-like focus to our projects, and we know we can rely on his skill and work ethic to produce a high quality product that is delivered on time. We look forward to working with him again in the future.

Brian M.

Paul's extensive experience combined with his thoughtful approach have made him our go-to consultant on special projects. He is always prepared with relevant questions, does a thorough analysis of our needs and then provides insightful thoughts and ideas that have saved us time and money. Additionally, our team has found him enjoyable to work with, which has made his work with us run smoothly and seamlessly. He comes highly recommended.

Cynthia S.

Eduardo has worked for me as a business development consultant at my staffing firm. He has been excellent in bringing in business contacts and closing deals. He works well with clients and forms long lasting partnerships. He is very versatile and I recommend him highly for any position.

Patricia M.

Not only did Eric recruit me, but after I started he helped me recruit my entire team. He is a great listener, very proactive and always has delivered.

Maria P.

I have known Eric for over 20 years professionally first as my leader, then as a consultant and now leading a company. He has always led by example, focused on the client and delivered results.

Louis P.